Run = Green Smoothie

This weekend was a good one… my husband and I spent tons of time together doing both productive as well as getting in our fun time. On Saturday morning we drove to a nearby park and ran 4 (he ran 5) miles.  He’s so much faster than me that he caught up to me on the way back and ran the rest with me.   I haven’t run 4 miles since last November, so I was excited to get that distance in.  At one point in my life, that would have not even been a workout, but on Saturday, I was thrilled with it.  I did the Galloway method (running 3 minutes – walking 1 minute).  My calves were definitely tired by the end due to the Vibram’s I’m now running in.

When we were finished, I was hot and sweaty and really craving a green smoothie from the Whole Foods drink bar, so we stopped there on our way home.

Spinach, Pineapple, Mango, Banana, Coconut Water

It was all I dreamed it would be!  When we entered the store, these lil’ beauties caught my eye as well.

The rest of the day, I did homework and cleaned our house until David and I went to Oktoberfest (sorry no pics).  It actually wasn’t as eventful as we were hoping.  It was like a street fair that met Oktoberfest in a random way with lots of families.  We were thinking it was going to be something completely different.

We met up with some friends after for drinks, dinner and lots of football watching!




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