5 Reasons I Loved “Insanity”

I have now declared my Insanity workout as complete.  The program is designed to be completed in 60 days.  There are two sets of DVD’s… one for the first month and one for the second month.  The first month’s DVD’s are shorter workouts, but I won’t necessarily say easier.  The second month, the workouts are about an hour long.  I did the 60 days plus another 1.5 weeks approximately.  I really liked the program.  It definitely did what it says it will do (if your diet is on par).  The following are 5  reasons why I loved the Insanity workout.


1.  I got the best workout possible in my own home.  Most people (myself included) don’t usually get a good workout in their house.  It’s easy to stop and for some reason the gym atmosphere promotes better workouts usually.  This wasn’t the case for this workout.  It might have been because for the first month, my husband and I did the workout together for the most part and stopping the DVD early wasn’t an option.  If you just follow the workout, you can’t fail.

2. Time management.  This was huge for me.  I loved being able to roll out of bed and within five minutes be able to start working out.  I work at 6 am, so the first month, I was able to do just this and still get to work on time.  The second month’s workouts were just a little bit too long to do before work (because I definitely wasn’t waking up in the 3 am hour).  When I go to the gym, I have to drive the 10 minute drive, get into the gym and start my workout, actually workout, then drive home.  The time saved was huge, and I even got a better workout!


3.  The mindlessness on my part.  Let’s face it, unless you go to a fitness class at the gym, working out requires some creativity.  Each time I go to the gym, I have to figure out what type of workout I’m doing and then from there decide which exercises or cardio equipment to use.  Now, I agree that this is sometimes the fun part about fitness, but sometimes, no workout sounds fun and it’s hard to make up your mind on what to do.  These are the days that I usually don’t get a very sweaty workout.  For Insanity, all you have to do is put in the DVD, and everything is done for you.

4. I have never felt so toned.  I have always had a HARD time gaining muscle definition especially in my legs.  In the past, I ran A LOT figuring that was the best way to get lean, muscular legs, but that never really happened for me.  They really didn’t change too much when I was marathon training.  I tried to use weights to do strength training and that worked, but my legs also have a tendency to get bigger, thus my jeans didn’t fit anymore and that didn’t make me happy either!  With Insanity, the exercises are a perfect balance of high-intensity cardio and resistance training, which is obviously exactly what I needed.  I did the bootcamps in the gym several times, but just going 2-3 times per week wasn’t enough; the Insanity workouts are 6 days per week.


5.  When the workouts were done, I got a “runner’s high.” This is one of the only workouts I’ve done that isn’t running that gives me this “high.”  I thrive on feeling the runner’s high, which is one reason I love running.  You honestly feel great after these workouts.  Your whole entire body was worked out (hard I might add) and it leaves you feeling that good type of exhausted.

I think everyone into fitness should try this program.  It’s good for people in a rut or just wanting to push through a plateau.


A few cons of this program is that by the end of each month, you are sick of the same workouts over and over again.  There are about 4 DVDs for each month; a plyo, a resistance training, a cardio endurance, and a recovery day.  While you are alternating, by the end, it’s gets repetitive.  Also, I have noticed that since I ended this, I don’t really know what to do next in terms of my fitness.  I tried to go on the elliptical today and I was so bored out of my mind that I had to stop at 30 minutes.  I think it’s made me unable to go on cardio equipment!  I must break through that immediately.  Overall, GREAT experience!

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  1. This is a great review! I did a month or so of P90X, but then dropped off the schedule and just do random dvds, but the dvds are all soooo long! How long are the shorter first month dvds for Insanity?

    I do love not having to think about my workouts when I use a dvd 🙂

    • The first month’s DVD’s are about 10 minutes warm-up, 5 minute stretch, 15-20 minutes of actual workout, and then 4-5 minute stretch. Less than 45 minutes for all of them! I have reverted back to the first month’s DVD’s so that I can get done quicker. Try it:)

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