Brittany’s Bachelorette – Pontoon Boat

Saturday, we rented a pontoon boat on Lake Waconia for the afternoon before our nighttime festivities.  I quickly picked up some Bruegger’s Bagels sandwiches for us, we packed the cooler with some beer and soda and obviously grabbed the lingerie cookies!  We arrived to the lake about 11 am ready to get our tan on and have Brittany’s lingerie shower.  No boys… that doesn’t mean that we were sitting on a boat in lingerie.  Rather, Brittany opened gifts that contained lingerie.  (P.S. Dave… I took them with me so she wouldn’t show you).

Lake Waconia

When we got on the boat, we realized that none of us knew how to drive a boat.  Given, it’s not hard… there are three gears, forward, neutral and reverse, each of us was still nervous to commit to driving the thing!  Thank you Dani for being confident of your abilities and being the captain for the day!

Captain Dani
The Sassy Bride-To-Be

We played some games, and swam a little bit.  Who knew the water in Minnesota would be 85 degrees…

All the girls!

We had a good time on the boat, were exhausted when we got home, but got our dancin’ shoes on and headed out for a night on the town.  Next post: What did we do?!

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