It’s Almost Here!

Since finishing Insanity, I have been slightly at a loss about what to do for workouts.  I obviously want to just run, but two things are semi-stopping me: the Phoenix heat wave and I don’t feel like my back is fully ready to go full-speed with it just yet.  I had a minor set-back with it again the past couple days, but don’t worry…acupuncture is here to save the day.

Anyways, so I decided that I would try Cardio Kickboxing at my gym.  I used to really love cardio kickboxing, in fact before I started running, it was my workout of choice.  I went there at 8:30 this morning ready to get my sweat on.  Well this guy (the instructor) was WAYYYY over the top for me (and frankly, most of the people in the class).  I felt like we was just turning side to side to side and in the middle throwing some jabs for the heck of it.  I couldn’t follow him AT ALL and therefore felt like I was standing there trying to figure out what he was doing most of the time.  I hate to say this, but I actually walked out in the middle of class (during a water break) because by this point, I was literally just standing there thinking about how bad I wanted an acupuncture treatment and how much I have to do because tonight I’m flying to Denver to go home for my sister’s and Dave’s wedding:)

Upon leaving 30 minutes early from class, I made an appointment for acupuncture.  My shoulders and back muscles have been feeling tense the past couple of days, which is the recipe for disaster in me, so I wanted to nip this in the bud.  An hour and 29 needles later, I feel like a new woman.  I feel relaxed both mentally and physically… Thanks Carrie:)

When I was driving home, a Whole Foods craving came over me, so I stopped there and picked up a small box of their hot food bar which consisted of roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes.  For some reason, today I could not turn down the mashed potatoes!

Mashed together goodness

You cannot beat a La Croix for 59 cents.

I love La Croix Pamplemousse

I also bought this lil’ gem as a snack on the airplane, but…

I accidentally ate it with lunch!

Anyways, I can’t wait to get to Denver so I can see these people:

Mom and sissy and of course David!
Yes they are people too

And way too many more people to post their pictures!  Anyways, gotta go do the dishes to pretend to do something so my husband thinks I had a productive day.

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  1. I have only done acupuncture once, I’d love to give it another shot! And I adore La Croix waters… I heard a rumor there is a coconut La Croix, but I haven’t found it yet!

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