Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga

My relatively new Thursday ritual is to go to a morning yin yoga class.  I never really saw the benefit in yin yoga until a massage therapist told me that my muscles were so tight and I needed the deep stretch and well as connecting my mind to body.  We all know this, but your body pain is really evident of what’s going on in your mind.  I have been battling this back pain for several months (almost a year now) and thought something was seriously wrong with it, but it turns out that most of the problem was my mind and the stress I was bringing upon myself with school and planning a wedding.  I thought people were crazy when they told me this, but this is totally true!

I always had a problem with yin yoga in the past because of my mentality.  I thought that if you went to the gym or did some form of exercise, it needed to be balls out and a crazy intense workout.  When I thought about yin yoga, I told myself that this wasn’t a workout, but something I needed to do for myself to learn to breathe and relax as well as get the benefit of stretching my connective tissues.

In yin yoga, you only do a few poses because you hold them anywhere from 3-5 minutes each.  This goes beyond stretching your muscles and gets the connective tissues deeper in the body such as tendons and ligaments–the fascia.  I was also worried that the class would creep by and I would be bored, but definitely not the case.  My teacher is wonderful; her voice is soothing and she says the right things to get you to go deeper in the pose and shut off your mind.  The class flew by.  I actually semi-fell asleep in the very last part of the class before savasana (dead body pose).  It teaches you how to get through challenging poses (as in life situations) and learn to breathe through them… a very powerful life lesson!

We do poses like the pigeon! It's a great hip opener.


I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone!  There was a wide variety of people in the class and it was jammed pack with people!

*More pictures on next post… I promise!*

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