New View on a Happy Life

New View on a Happy Life

Yesterday, Leo Babauta of Zen Habits posted a great article that I think we all should take time to think about.  He wrote a post titled “How to be Happy Anytime.”  It talks about how he is rarely unhappy because he’s always doing what he wants to be doing and is where he wants to be.  I know some of you are thinking, “well he has lots of money and works for himself at a blogger.  I have to deal with work, kids, school, chores, etc.”  In his article, he discusses how even doing the dishes can be amazing.

It really struck a cord with me because I can honestly say that I spend way too much time dreading my upcoming schedule and am really picky about what I want to be doing and what I view as “work.”  I dread waking up early lots of nights, driving the long commute to work and school, dealing with people all the time, and having long hours away from the house.  In actuality, I don’t mind doing any of these things and I actually find it enjoyable once I’m there.  They all make me a better person.  Dreading things that occur in life is a very counter-productive way to go through life and creates unhappiness.

Leo also talks about how through things like social media, we are constantly wishing our lives were as good as other people’s.  We, myself included, need to take the time to look at our own activities and view them as amazing.  Usually on Thursdays, I get the day off and catch up on stuff and relax.  This Thursday, however, I have to go to my school clinic and make up two shifts that fell on Memorial Day and the 4th of July.  Before reading this article, I would have dreaded going the whole week, but today was different.  I thought about how I got to wake up and workout and then go help people all day.  I also get to learn more about the subject I’ve committed myself to learning for the rest of my life.  In another realm, I have been wishing that I had a normal job where I woke up and went to work and then came home and spent the night with my husband… today is the day I get to do that.  I usually have semi-unproductive Thursdays and today will be different.

My whole point is this – all of us dread things in life.  This wastes precious time that we have here and in turn creates negative feelings.  Life is too short to spend it wishing away time to get to something better.  This is a nasty syndrome that we all need to stop now! So, instead of always dreading life, embrace it and figure out why what you’re doing right now is the most amazing thing possible!

Think...everyday can be like this!

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