Quality Time

Quality Time

It’s Sunday, so school ALL day was on the agenda for me.  I had  a very LOOOONG test at 8 am and then another class in the afternoon.  For lunch, I had a chicken breast with avocado and grapes on the side.  The Diet Green Tea served the purpose of keeping me awake all day to study!   The grilled chicken was grilled with panko bread crumbs which is a delicious addition to a plain ol’ piece of chicken.

David was the best husband yesterday and did ALL the chores for the week, so when I got home we got to share a brief moment together by making dinner! WOO HOO!  We were craving pizza, but really didn’t want to have the greasy calories of Papa John’s, so we opted to make english muffin pizzas.  These are sooo easy…whole wheat english muffins, and use whatever toppings you desire.  They are the perfect healthy alternative to the good greasy stuff:)


Tons of sauce, mozzarella, parmesan and green peppers
No Cheese Plz for David

After dinner, we made a notorious trip to Yo Love.

Wedding cake and brownie batter...with a lil gummi worm

Since I’m going into work at 5 am versus 6 am (like usual), the Monday morning ritual of doing Insanity will be nixed until the afternoon.  Please pray that I have enough energy to get through that after a 12 hour workday:)

**On a side note, please check out this link and read the story about Susan.  She recently was diagnosed with lymphoma and there is a fundraiser going on for on July 25th to help her to cover some medical expenses.  She has a great blog, so check it out:)  There’s lots of cool stuff to be auctioned.**

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