Pita Pizza

Pita Pizza

Last night I came home to a great surprise at clinic.  David made us a smokin’ good dinner…  PITA PIZZAS!

The Raw Ingredients

He bought whole wheat pitas, meatballs that he added some garlic to, pasta sauce, green peppers, onions, and parmesan cheese…  They were delicious and very easy to put together in a hurry for a starving wife.

The finished product
Up close and personal











My added contribution was a drink consisting of a splash of Malibu liquor (trying to get rid of it from the wedding), Tropicana 50 orange juice, and another splash of grenadine.  It was our home version of a Hawaiian Mai Tai.


Mai Tai
Mai Tai or is that Sunrise?

We consumed our dinner in about two seconds flat and then had some food stagnation for the rest of the night, but it was well-worth it!

Today’s Insanity workout was a cardio recovery day, but this one wasn’t as generous as the first part of the program was.  It was a 45 minute workout that had some yoga moves and was slower pace, BUT it also was a lot of strength exercises that nixed out the cardio component that we see on the other days.  We did tons of lunges and squats that made my legs feel like tree trunks when they were over, and the infamous pushups of all kinds were there incorporated.  I didn’t get my heart rate up as high as the other days, but still felt like I got a workout in.

This brings me to a point that I want to share.  As a personal trainer, I see a lot of people that focus in on just one component of an exercise program, whether that be strength training, cardio, or just yoga-type exercises.  An exercise program needs to be just as balanced as your diet, which incorporates all three components.  Your goal depends on the amount of each you need to do.  A lot of people have weight loss at their goal and they definitely need to be consistent with the cardio exercises as well as strength their body and replace the fat with muscle during weight training.  A lot of times, plateaus can be overcome by changing up the workout just a little bit, especially if your diet is on par.  Just a little piece to think about… are you getting a balanced exercise routine or does yours need a little tweaking??

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  1. Personally, my exercise routine needs a bit of tweaking. I have been focusing 95% on strength and 5% on cardio. I need to create more of a balanced routine to stick to.

    It’s all about balance.

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