Fruity Green Salad

Fruity Green Salad

Yesterday, I only had one class in the morning, so I got to come home by 1:30  HOORAY!  I walked in the door craving BBQ food, but quickly changed my tune when I saw this spread made by David.

Full of nutrients

The bowls had a trail mix with walnuts, sunflower seeds, raisins, and possibly some shredded coconut, peaches, mangoes, tomatoes, and some lil’ mystery berries that David forgot what they were.  They are the ones seen the bowl in the front with something brown in it.

Anyone know what those lil’ berries are in the front?  Can you see them??

I topped it off with my honey mustard dressing that I frequently make.  I don’t have a precise recipe because I never measure food.  Most of the time, I just add to taste.  It combines honey mustard, oil, stevia, and apple cider vinegar!  It’s the  I betcha haven’t heard that phrase used since middle school.

All in all… pretty darn tasty.

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