PB Jar Oats

PB Jar Oats

One of my favorite things happened this morning… there was an empty peanut butter jar.  That doesn’t seem like any big deal but in fact this is a glorious thing for all you peanut butter and oats lovers.

I microwaved some instant plain oats and then put them in the empty jar and created peanut butter oats.  You could just add a scoop of peanut butter, but it’seriously not the same as having it in the empty peanut butter jar because the hot oatmeal melts the lil’ bit left of the peanut butter and it oozes into your oatmeal and then on the spoon and then in your mouth!  Soooo good and a perfect way to alleviate wasting even a tsp. of peanut butter! LOL.

Okay so I’m not that big of a loser that an empty peanut butter jar made my day, but it is really good:) And only happens every once in a while.  I know I’m not the only fan of this.

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Onwards of the day… I also had to go to the dreaded dentist.  Actually, I don’t dread the dentist but most people do.  I got outta there with a clean bill of mouth health in 45 minutes, so I was a happy girl.

Can we please talk about the workout David and I endured today?!  We made it through the first month of Insanity, then at week 5, there is a recovery week, and at the 6th week, you graduate to new DVD’s that are ridiculous.  We did things like some form of a jumping squat for at least 20 minutes, and then we did about 200 pushups in some form or another (usually with some kind of upward motion in the middle), finished off with burpees with 16 pushups and 16 floor sprints (mountain climbers) at the portion when you are on the ground.  I think they should have graduated the name to Psychotic.  Anyhow, enough bitching about it because even though I was cursing during it, it was FANTASTIC!  I loved it.  You actually go through the exercises at a slower pace because they are so hard and the workout is 1 hour versus 30 minutes.  This was day 2 of the new videos we David and I are a sore couple.  If this doesn’t tone my thighs, nothing will!


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