Denver Weekend

Denver Weekend

I’ve been MIA for almost a week now with NO posts!  I have had an eventful week if that makes up for it.  David and I went to Denver to visit my mom and our good friends, Ashley and Keith.  We had a wonderful and always wish we were staying there for good.  Some day…  First things first, my mom got us a hotel room at Hotel Teatro.  This place was the cutest little hotel ever!  We really enjoyed staying downtown even though our plane was 2 hours delayed and we got there at 12 am.  BOOO for last flights of the day.

Best customer service;)

We dropped David off with Keith and Ashley so they could go to Snooze.  This lil’ brekkie place has gourmet pancakes such as red velvet, upside down pineapple cake, and just about any other dessert flavor you could imagine.  It’s really really good, but you have to wait about 1 hour to get seated EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I didn’t want to waste valuable shopping time with my mom:)

We packed a lot in with Keith and Ashley… both healthy and unhealthy.  On Saturday night, we went to a bar/restaurant downtown called Hayters.  I actually had a really good veggie pita with these sweet potato tots that tasted like a mix between tater tots and french toast sticks… two thumbs up!  The veggie pita was filled with avocado, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, and spinach and was topped off with tzatziki sauce.


Veggie Pita with Sweet Potato Tots! It doesn’t look appetizing and there’s definitely bites missing, but it was GOOOD:)

We watched UFC fights and decided it definitely wasn’t time to go home and started a round 20 games of beer pong! Gotta re-live college sometime:)

Ashley, Katie and I taking a celebratory shot
The boys trying to beat us












In an effort to be healthy, we drove to Boulder, CO (home of CU) for a 4 mile hike.  It was gorgeous with a river next to us and all the green trees. David and I don’t see water or green in Arizona, so that’s always wonderful:) The hike wasn’t too strenuous but it felt sooo good to get outside in the perfect temperatures and breathe the Colorado air in!  All in all – successful weekend.

Ecstatic because we to see a green hike
We see this daily... Oh yeah, you're lucky I didn't steal Taber.

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