BBQ Happy Hour

So the other day we decided that the car needs new tires.  We ordered them from Costco and they came in on Wednesday night.  We dropped the car off at about 5 pm and needed something other than browsing around Costco spending our life savings to do while it was being worked on.  Out of the corner of our eye, we saw Famous Daves!  I haven’t been there in a year, so my cravings for restaurant BBQ food was definitely there:)  On top of that, it was HAPPY HOUR!   Woo hooo. David and I split some fries and I got two lil’ BBQ pork sliders and he got chicken strips.

Disclaimer: I know that this meal seems unhealthy and while it was, everyone needs to satisfy their cravings in some way in order to prevent a binge from occurring.  David and I allow ourselves one meal per week that is unhealthy.  However, I still keep in mind the portion sizes.

Complimentary potato chips

BBQ Buddies - AKA Sliders

Shared Fries
David's ranch dressing with a side of chicken strips

Two vodka club sodas went undocumented.  There is something about the Phoenix heat that makes me crave a little vodka!  Ooops.

By the way, Famous Dave’s is doing a promotion on August 14th… all men named “Dave” or “David” get a free meal:)  I guess I know what my cheat meal will be that week. Overall, the dreaded trip to Costco for car service turned out to be a glorious evening with my husband!  Gotta love happy hour.


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