Back on the Horse

Back on the Horse

First things first…

Last night when I got home from clinic, the infamous Insanity workout awaited me.  It was the same one we did on Monday night, but I can honestly say I did better doing it.  Don’t get me wrong, I was sweating, cursing, and felt like I was going to have a heart attack at times but I could withstand much more than I did on Monday!  We did the 20 minutes of some form of jumping squats, lots of pushups, and lots of up-down movements (think burpees and suicide runs).

Immediately after finishing the workout, David wanted to ride our bikes to Yo Love for date night and I agreed.  We had to hurry because it was going to get dark and riding bikes in the dark for me is no bueno!  We rode the 4 miles each way of the trip.

Trying really hard to get a good pic haha

Once arriving there, I was hot and hadn’t had dinner, so I comforted myself with this–

Cake batter and dolce de lucha yogurt with marshmellows, sprinkles, and mini yogurt chips

In the summer in the Phoenix valley, Arizona Road Racers has a series of 5 5k racers a various locations.  Today was the number 4 series!  I have only done the first one because of other stuff getting in the way of the other two.  I haven’t run in weeks because of Insanity.  I also had to taken nearly a year off of running because of some annoying back pain, but I think that’s getting behind me now…knock on wood. Back pain is no joke.  I actually don’t even know what my time was because I don’t care… I was happy to get back in the running saddle!  It was a painful race because of my lack of running, but I loved it too:)

Before the race...

I ran into one of my co-workers and some other people that workout at our gym!  Go Power 1k!

Power 1k Girls!

David ran it too, but left me in the dust.

You know you'll come back to me

Now we are catchin’ up on some stuff and going out to the Salt River for some relaxation and tubing!


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