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Perfect Pancakes

Perfect Pancakes

This Saturday morning was a good one so far.  I slept in… a lot!!  I woke feeling refreshed, which doesn’t happen all that much.  David and I decided to do our respective workouts to get them over with.  He went for a run…crazy person…it’s Phoenix in the summer and I decided to do an old… Continue Reading

BBQ Happy Hour

So the other day we decided that the car needs new tires.  We ordered them from Costco and they came in on Wednesday night.  We dropped the car off at about 5 pm and needed something other than browsing around Costco spending our life savings to do while it was being worked on.  Out of… Continue Reading

Things To Do In The Phoenix Heat

Many people think that there isn’t much to do in Phoenix in the summer because it’s so blistering hot.  Through being in here in the summer and not wanting to reverse hibernate, I’ve compiled a list of things to do: 1. Go Tubing on the Salt River – This is such a great thing to… Continue Reading