Where is Everyone?

Where is Everyone?

Today started as any Friday, which consisted of getting up at 4 am to complete some form of torture known as the Insanity workout. Today’s workout was cardio resistance training…so hard! As usual, I was sweating in the warmup.  It felt great though, especially since yesterday was cardio recovery which is a lot of yoga-type things. I felt ready to conquer the day afterwards!

I hurried and got ready and rushed to get to work on time, but not without nabbing a breakfast sandwich from my freezer really quick. I had my usual clients at 6 am but now NOBODY! The gym tends to get slow in the summer because of vacations and kids being out of school but come on people I have a job to do here!

No Workout=No Bueno

I go to clinic at school this afternoon so if you live in the Phoenix area and need some help, come visit us:) By the way, I’m practically salivating over the left over taco salad that’s going to be lunch and it’s only 8:30; on these days I feel like half the day is over by this time!!

Now I’m wasting time studying at Starbucks!

My Drug of Choice (Chai Tea Baby)

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