Say What?!  School on Sunday?!

Say What?! School on Sunday?!

Yes, yes it’s true.  My school caters to people who work full-time so we have most classes on either the weekend or weeknights from 6-9 pm.  Our clinic is open all week pretty much all day, so we can get daytime hours in then, if we so choose.  Moral of the story, this summer I have class all day on Sundays (8am-6pm).  Today, however, I just had my morning class because I chose to take a midterm earlier this week in lieu of going to class today WOO HOO.

I woke up this morning and made myself oatmeal and a chai tea to keep me awake through lecture today.  My FAVORITE chai tea to make at home is :


It tastes just like a chai tea latte and all you have to do for a hot one is add water.  Of course you can get fancy and add some form of milk or put it in the blender and make it frothy, but I keep it simple and just add water.  This past winter I had this affinity for them and drank one everyday I think.  I’ve since tried to keep my addiction at bay and drink them only on occasion.  You can buy these lil’ gems right here.  They come in packages of four of these containers and there is enough in each container to make 10 lattes…which has a grand total of 40!

When I got home, David said he was going to Sunflower Market and I went with him.  Sunflower market is great because it’s like a less expensive Whole Foods.  It doesn’t have as much variety as Whole Foods, but has the basics and you can get tons of fresh produce for great prices.  The organic meats are about the same price as any other grocery store though.

Tonight, we are enjoying a quiet night to get ready for the week and I have to deal with Microbiology homework (only 1.5 more weeks of that class YAY)!


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