Busy Bee

Busy Bee

The past few days I feel like I’ve been a busy bee.  I picked up some extra shifts at work because another trainer was gone, so that took up some time AND I’m getting ready to go away to DENVER this weekend to see some of our favorite people… my mom, and our friends Ashley and Keith.  WOO HOO.

On Thursday’s Shaun T. (Insanity) decides to take it easy on me and gives me “Cardio Recovery,” which is some nice yoga poses for 30 minutes.  Don’t take that wrong… still challenging just more stretching.  He does these squats and lunges for honestly like 5 minutes where you just hold… my quads feel like rocks after I’m done and then he doesn’t do the wimpy easy yoga, it’s solid poses like the triangle!

It’s been a heat wave in Phoenix for the past few days, which is ridiculous because it’s already supposed to be 105 degrees and now it’s 115 degrees.  With that in mind, I was CRAVING a chocolate-y cold smoothie.  I made a chocolate banana protein smoothie.

1 frozen banana

1 scoop chocolate protein powder

1 tbsp. cocoa powder

2 pinches xanthum gum (thickens)

I really want to start adding spinach to the mix.  What an easy, perfect way to get greens in the morning.  You can’t taste them a bit.

The goods in todays smoothie



The Ultimate Blender

This is the amazing blender my mom got David and I for my bridal shower.  It’s the greatest blender I’ve ever seen:)  We use it daily.

Chocolate Banana Smoothie

I really needed to be ultra productive this afternoon with school because I have a final next week and I definitely won’t be doing anything this weekend to help myself, so I had to get out of the house to make this a reality.

This was today's spot

And ordered this…

Peach Blueberry Green Tea


It was very good and refreshing and purdy much HIT THE SPOT.  I can’t wait for tomorrow night when I get to board the plane, but first the dreadful packing must start, which I despise, but not as much as unpacking. Hence, why it’s 8 pm and I haven’t even begun! EEEEEK



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