Bad Blogger

Bad Blogger

Today I was out and about most of the morning and I completely forgot to take my camera and take pictures of my food.  I did, however, grab a Rubio’s healthmex chicken burrito at the mall after the movie “Bad Teacher.”  The healthmex burrito is one of my favorite “healthy” fast food finds.  It consists of a whole wheat tortilla, black beans, rice, grilled chicken and salsa…DELISH:)

David and I were feeling a little less than productive this morning when we got up (we had some friends over last night and it was a rather late night for us…12 am!).  He pitched the idea of going to this movie this morning and I was more than game.  After a debate between “Bridesmaids” and “Bad Teacher,” we decided “Bad Teacher” it was.

I didn’t have really high expectations for this movie, except for some light humor, which is what it was.  After it was over, we thought that the producers should have taken out some of the raunchiness and made it PG-13, so teenage kids could watch too.  That would be the ideal age for that movie.  Whatever, we got to sit in the cool comfy movie seats and eat popcorn, so all it good. Phoenix is blazin’ hot right now.  Oh yeah, most weird popcorn combination ever: ranch, kettle corn, and nacho cheese flavorings COVERING the popcorn.  That’s my husband for you.  When asked about it, he said “it creates a party in my mouth;” all we can hope for:)

Hope ya’ll had a more productive Saturday than our household, but man was it nice!

No mo’ bad blogger and forgetting to take pics of food!  I mean that is the premise for the blog.

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