At Zee Office

Today started out like any other Wednesday, I got up in the wee hours of the morning and headed to work.  Today’s workout at the gym was biceps and back.  I think the girls thought it was a “tuffy”…definitely got them sweatin’.

Today’s Line Up:

Power Cleans 4×20

Standing Back Flies 4×15

Bench Rows 4×20 (on each side)

Bicep Drop-Sets 4×10 (each size of weight)

Hammer curls (4×15)

Planks 3×90 seconds


This is a pretty typical Wednesday.  Sometimes I try to change it up, but these are the standard exercises because THEY WORK!

Lately, I’ve been feeling extremely unproductive at home, so I decided that Starbucks was going to be the office today.  I don’t know why, but when I get there, I’m always in ultra-productivity mode.  I get more done in 3.5 hours there then I would get done all day at home.  I love the atmosphere of Starbucks (or any coffee shop).  The smell, the music, the people…  it’s def my scene:)  PLUS… Chai tea lattes are a major fave.  It’s my drug of choice.

Now that I was at Starbucks for awhile, Microbiology can get checked off the list and I have the whole night to work on this little gem.  BUT not until after the Insanity Pure Cardio DVD gets done…burn baby burn.

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